About Us

Fit Welding is a website that committed to providing information and guidance about welding processes and techniques. It offers a wide range of resources, from detailed tutorials and project-specific instructions to safety advice and the latest welding industry news. It also provides information of tools and resources to help welders of all skill levels stay ahead of the curve.
Fit Welding is dedicated to discussing quality content to the welding community, ensuring that welders are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to complete their projects successfully.

About the Author and Editor

Hello! My name is Allen Kim the owner of www.fitwelding.com website.

I am a Junior mechanical engineer and assign to an local engineering firm with about 4 years of experience in manufacturing and retaining equipment. During the time, most of my experience is related to the Industry of pressure control equipment. I learned about the thing, when working with experienced inspectors, one must be as good as the inspector, or better, with knowledge of the project as well as the practical aspects of welding industry.

I learned how to weld pretty young age and have been lucky to practice from industry senior then I made this website. The content of this website is mainly a collection of knowledge that I have acquired while working in my project.

Interaction with keen observers amplifies the finer nuances of the subject for you and this is when a solid understanding of the subject embeds itself in your mind with some permanence. I hope to expand this to include other broad casting topics. The idea is to share some of what I learn in my official work and thus learn something by interacting with the visitors of this site. Ultimately, I hope this site becomes an authoritative, recommended and trusted resource for all things welding.